Yofi Bot Blocker Released for All Customers

We are excited to announce that we have released Yofi Bot Prevention that prevents bots from checking out any item that you want prevented. We know the headache that bots provide by instantly checking out items causing frustration from your loyal customers and a lot of work for your CX/Operations team.

Our customers using Bot Prevention have seen an increase in legitimate customers purchasing the protected item and reduced the time spent by the CX team investigating suspicious orders. We have prevented tens-of-thousands of bots and successfully protected 100s of releases for our customers.

Yofi has empowered businesses to launch products with renewed assurance, ensuring that genuine customers - not bots - are first in line for purchases. With Yofi Bot Prevention in place, even the most hard-to-detect bots, often overlooked by conventional network and fraud tools, are effectively blocked. The outcome? A heightened customer experience. We have helped our customers acquire new customers, reward high lifetime value members, and significantly reduce the time and money associated with releases.

Furthermore, we have prevented thousands of bots through Shopify Bot Protection and integrated seamlessly by complimenting their solution.

Lastly, we have enabled a Bot Prevention Analytics page, which provides more details about the number and type of bots prevented for protected items. This gives you more visibility of the type of bots and the intensity of their attempted checkouts for every release.

  1. Enhancing Customer Experience: By blocking bots from instantly buying out inventory, genuine customers get a fair opportunity to purchase the products they desire, leading to a more positive shopping experience.
  2. Streamlining Operations: Yofi has enables companies to reduce the resources and time typically spent investigating and rectifying suspicious orders, allowing the CX/Operations teams to focus on other crucial aspects of the business.
  3. Increasing Revenue & Brand Loyalty: When customers know bots won't outpace them, repeat purchases and brand loyalty are more likely to increase sales and revenue in the long run.
  4. Improving Accurate Data Analytics: Without bots and fake profiles, businesses can gather more accurate data on user behavior, allowing for better marketing strategies and business decisions based on genuine customer interactions.
  5. Complimentary Solution with Shopify Plus: We integrate seamlessly with Shopify Bot Protection and have prevented thousands of bots that have bypassed Shopify Bot Protection to ensure a protected release.

Yofi Bot Prevention allows brands to mitigate bots and enhance genuine customer experience by providing a fair opportunity for releases. By enabling our Bot Protection, our customers have acquired 100s of new customers, accelerated repeat purchases, and significantly reduced the time spent on releases (i.e., investigating suspicious orders and planning for the raffle).

We offer a free 2-month pilot for anyone interested in the Yofi platform. Schedule time to learn more about the free trial!