Connect with your brands' real customers.

Yofi helps you better understand your customers, their motivations, and the best way to interact with them
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40% Internet Traffic are Bots
93% US Employees Overwhelmed by Data at Work
36% 2021 Black Friday Shoppers were Bots
Prioritizing & Rewarding the Right Customers We help you eliminate bad actors like bots, coupon code abusers, and serial returners so that you can understand your actual customers and develop strategies to reach them.
Understanding Your Best Customers in Minutes We make sense of the overwhelming amount of data by providing a clearer understanding of your actual customer. We remove bad actors and duplicate accounts that create a skewed view of your customers and data.
Example product of a pair of shoes
100 purchases does not always equal 100 customers
Example product of a LEGO set
Organizations lose 6% of revenue due to account fraud
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Meet the team
Headshot of Jordan
Jordan Co-Founder Built & scaled a startup within IBM to $350m in ARR MBA & NBA Free Agent
Headshot of Alex
Alex Co-Founder Help build the Bot Mitigation team and growth team at Nike, then help build the foundation for the Retail Decision Automation team at Apple. Can identify almost every dog breed
Headshot of Andrii
Andrii Co-Founder & Technical Lead Lead Architecture and Machine Learning teams at the largest brands in the world The undisputed biggest fan of raccoons
Headshot of Michael
Michael Data & Machine Learning Lead Search & ATO expert at Nike and Coinbase Would pick skiing over anything
Headshot of Matt
Matt Backend Engineer Lead Engineering Teams for Tencent and Shopee Potentially one of the best drummers among backend software engineers in southern China
Headshot of Abror
Abror Software Engineering Genius Deep experience building scalable and serverless platforms Unbeatable at Iron Hearts 4
Headshot of Adam
Adam Frontend Lead Strong expereince working with high-volume e-commerce brands 3700 SR peak in Overwatch
Headshot of Eugene
Eugene Full Stack Engineer Experience building APIs, Bots, and Middleware for Banks Incredible musician that builds his own instruments
Headshot of Shing
Shing Machine Learning Engineer Ph.D in deep learning methods to enhance flow simulations Joined Yofi after Foo Fighter tickets were scooped up by scalping bots within seconds