Stop Abuse and Retail Shrinkage.

Yofi is an identity platform that prevents bad actors to protect profits, ensure data integrity, and empower decisions for genuine customers.

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Abusers are Hijacking the Customer Experience and Costing Brands 4-6% of Total Profits.


~0.5% of total customers contributed to 17% of returns.


~1.3% of total customers contribute to 28% of matched resold items.

Skewed Data

~30-40% of CRM and Loyalty Programs profiles are fake or duplicate accounts.

Coupon Abuse

~0.7% of total customers contribute to 13% of discounts and loyalty rewards redeemed.

How our Customers use Yofi

Our platform understands customer intentionality, and that abuse impacts the entire business. Yofi uses machine learning to create dynamic policies to prevent different type of abusers and ensures accurate data.

Identity & Prevention

Prevent bots, resellers, discount abusers, loyalty abusers, and serial returners from taking advantage of customer friendly policies.

Data Protection

Ensure data integrity and quality by removing bad actors and fake accounts from skewing data, such as abandoned cart conversion, marketing metrics, and forecasting inventory.

Application Awareness

Yofi integrates into your existing processes and applications to provide a filter for understanding legitimate customer interactions and analytics.

Our Certifications & Awards

From being recognized among the 100 Most Innovative Companies to achieving SOC-2 compliance, we have consistently demonstrated excellence and commitment to innovation and security in our operations.