22 Top Botted Products of 2022 (Part 2)

Last week, we continued our countdown with Sean Williams from Obsessive Sneakers Disorder of our Top 22 Botted Products of 2022! If you were unable to join live, checkout our the recording and our summary of our favorite products:

1) Dapper Dan x Gap Hoodies: everything the iconic Dapper Dan designs is highly desired! Unsurprisingly, both Dapper Dan's releases with Gap were heavily botted and sold out instantly.

2) LV x Off White AF1s: one of the most iconic releases of all time, as everyone was remembering the legendary Virgil Abloh. There was no expense spared with the Brooklyn Museum holding an exhibition, multiple exhibits around the world, and dominating the talk of the sneaker world.  These shoes are now reselling for ~$10,500!

3) Uggs: Uggs' popularity blew up in 2022 and became almost impossible to buy! There was a surge in demand, and botters took advantage of the opportunity to get every possible pair by targeting retailers, orthotopic stores, and anywhere selling Uggs! The price of Uggs nearly doubled in the resell market!

4) Omega x Swatch MoonSwatch: watches are becoming the new sneakers! Swatch was hammered by bots and received millions of attempts to purchase their release, forcing Swatch to sell them solely at physical locations. There were lines of individuals waiting outside Swatch, knowing that if they could buy a watch, they could easily resell it for 4-6 times the retail price ($260)!

5) Olive Garden Pajamas: if you want your family to look like a pasta primavera, look no further than the Olive Garden pajamas! These pajamas went faster than that first basket of unlimited breadsticks at Olive Garden! Everyone wanted a piece of this legendary release.

6) Restaurants Reservations (Resy & Open Table): restaurant reservations have been one of the worst-kept secrets of the botting world. The constant demand for tables at the best restaurants makes it a prime opportunity for botters. Ever wonder why, on Resy or Opentable, when the tables at your favorite restaurants get booked immediately, even though you are frantically clicking refresh on the page? Botters are the ones beating you! These botters grab all the available reservations by using multiple profiles to make many reservations simultaneously, leaving us foodies disappointed.

7) Amazon Prime: has many benefits and incentives for students, veterans, and medical employees, such as free prime! Botters were harvesting and creating fake verified accounts that enabled them to reap the benefits of Amazon Prime without needing to pay. That said, I have still used my college email address for years to continue the benefits!

8) Spotify Playlists: artists have been hacking Spotify by using bots to listen to their music to boost their streaming payments, expand to new playlists, and acquire new followers. Shopify pays ~$2.74 per 1,000 streams; thus, some artists have been using bots to inflate their number of listens to cash in on the streaming payments! I highly recommend watching Black Market by Michael K Williams, as it is one of the more fascinating topics and takes you behind the scenes.

9) Ray Dunn Cups and Squishmallows: botting is not gatekept for the younger generation, as "Midwest Moms" have jumped in on the fun of botting with Ray Dunn Cups and Squishmallows. Squishmallows are the hottest toy since the teddy bear, and Ray Dunn Cups have accounted for way too many fights at T.J. Maxx

10) RTX Graphic Chips: with the chip shortage and crypto boom, getting an Nvidia RTX was nearly impossible! Everyone was using bots to scope up any available inventory, as crypto miners and gamers were willing to pay a significant premium for these powerful chips.

11) Freebie Bots: take advantage of any pricing errors on retailers' websites, so if someone accidentally prices an item for free, it will be automatically purchased. This provides an unmatched opportunity for resellers and arbitrageurs with their inventory costs being $0 and providing them with a significant ROI. Freebie Bots are a growing trend that targets any price anomaly, not just $0 item SKUs.

12) Beat the Bot Game: we released the best video game since Age of Empires, BeatTheBot. We challenged the world — sneakerheads, botters, everyone. We had one cheeky botter who decided to bot the game, and lucky we had detection on the backend to remove the entries.

13) Driving Licensing and DMV Reservations: securing your spot for a driving exam in Singapore has always been harder, with botters taking all available spots and reselling them to students! Eager potential drivers have been forced to pay these "ransomes" to get their spot to get licenses, which has caused the Singapore Police to launch an investigation. This is a growing trend for appointments at the DMV, Passport renewals, and COVID vaccinations being botted.

That is a wrap for 2022 bots, as they have targeted everything from DMV Reservations to Olive Garden Pajamas! We are just at the beginning and will continue to update our favorite botted items throughout the year!