Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (May 30th)

Memorial Day Weekend gave a relaxing week for most, but as you watched Stranger Things and were at BBQs, bots and resellers worked overtime!

1. Baby Formula: we are undergoing a massive shortage of Baby Formula, with it being almost impossible to get. Unfortunately for many parents, shortage creates opportunities for some folks, like hand sanitizer during peak COVID. Baby Formula is no exception, where some resellers and botters are buying any available inventory for flip for a profit.

2. Nike: when is Nike not getting botted and resold. Many folks likely do not know that in 2019 Nike infamously removed selling their products on Amazon. So, then you might be confused how are their Nike products on Amazon. Resellers. Resellers are “ungating” themselves as authorized Nike distributors to resell products on Amazon (longer blog coming next week around this).

Nike Reseller on Amazon

3. Acer: Some folks found a good reselling opportunity with Acer, as they were able to buy these laptops for $70–149 and able to flip them for $250–289! Solid profit for minimal work.

Acer Computer Deal

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Till Next Time,

The Yofi Team