Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (June 5th)

Keeping up with these bots and resellers is exhausting! There are too many opportunities and hilarious use-cases, but as we say, not all heroes wear capes!

1. Wick’d Confections: makes Macarons, an overrated dessert in my opinion, but she had an issue with a frequent customer asking for custom colors combinations. The store owner found that this customer was reselling these Macarons on their website.

2. Bella Ella Boutique: was offering a free necklace if you signed up for their email list. They likely didn’t know that it got discovered and announced in Cook Groups, and people cannot resist free stuff. It is disappointing for the brand, as their promotion is likely being abused by individuals who has no intention ever purchasing another product.

Free Necklace Landing Page
Notification of the Free Sale

3. Target: Collectibles and action figures are always pretty popular, but I liked this specific example, as it shows the profit and instructions for flipping the item. I wanted to highlight the “pre-sale” to “shipping time” as it creates time to resell the product before you need to ship it.

WWE Resale Target

Anyways, please keep sending suggestions so that we can justify our internet time to our friends, family, and investors! We are happy to curate some free items list if people are interested too!