Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (June 19)

What do Amber Heard, Fanatics, and a Sneaker Store all have in common?

They have all been targeted by bots (allegedly, for Amber Heard). This sounds like a corny joke that your uncle would tell, and you would need to begrudgingly laugh at it, but there is some logic to it!

Amber Heard v. Johnny Depp Trial — some people claim that Johnny Depp’s Team weaponized bots to support his trial against Amber Heard. The suspicion is stems from the overwhelming percentage of videos attacking Amber Heard and celebrating Depp’s responses. There is not a ton of evidence, but it wouldn’t be the first time people used bots to change public perspective, and something scary to consider given the future ramifications.

Sole Classics — is frustrated with dealing with bots and likely has tried numerous attempts to mitigate the number of bots targeting their store. Being a significant, industry-wide problem, the Sole Classics team opted for a different approach to mitigate bots — asking nicely. Unfortunately, I do not think the botters removed their bots from Sole Classics, despite the polite ask 😞

Sole Classics Tweet

Fanatics — someone arbitraged Fanatics and made a nice $1,170 profit in 15 minutes! They bought Fanatic Gift Cards with a 15% discount and 2% cash back on their credit card to get a 17% ROI. Furthermore, they leveraged a Fanatics’ 30% rewards in Fan Cash and resold the items for little profit or breakeven online.


Buy a $100 in product that can sell for $100.

30% fan cash: Now it’s $70

15% back from discounted gift cards: Now $59.50

2% in CC cash back: Now $58.10.

Let’s add $8 for tax: Final cost: $66.10 Spend $66.10

Profit $33.90 per item

Fanatics Arbitrage

We hope you enjoyed our attempt to explain this corny riddle! If there is an opportunity for people to profit or benefit, people will take it. Please keep sending us suggestions for us to investigate.


The BotNot Team