Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (April 25th)

Spring is in the air; the flowers are blooming and the excitement for summer is everywhere. As loyal internet trolls, we resist the urge for any outdoor contact and focused on finding the most botted items of the week.

  1. Twitter — our brother-in-arms in Elon fighting the good fit on Twitter, while we address e-commerce. Bots and fake accounts have been a huge issue on Twitter for many years now, as digital catfishing is easier than ever. Some accounts are obvious and easy to spot, while others are difficult.
Elon Tweet about Bots

2) McDonalds McFlurry — some hero ­­­and I do not use that word lightly, botted 38,000 McDonald’s to see if their ice cream machines were working. He wrote a bot that would check whether the online order system for McDonalds would allow users to add McFlurries to their account or not. He aggerated the availability of all these McDonalds on McBroken, which you can see the McFlurry status of every store.

McDonalds Bot

3) BotNot — as all of you know, we released the best video game since Age of Empires, BeatTheBot this week. We challenged the world — sneakerheads, botters, everyone. We had one cheeky botter, who decided to bot the game and lucky we had detection on the backend to remove the entries.

BotNot Bot

Till next week folks! If you see any product or category you would like us to investigate for next week, hit us up!