Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (April 18th)

August 22, 2022

Another week, another wild ride on the internet. As we always say, “Kris Jenner works hard, but bots work harder,” and this week was no exception.

  1. Oxford Index Card — time to gauge students during exams while they desperately long for carefree summers? Perhaps, but unlikely. I tend to avoid index cards and “index card people,” as they give more anxiety than relief. Also, a fun experiment to think of the first person who comes to mind when you read “index card people.”
Index Cards

2. NEST Fragrances — The bamboo liquid soap market is heating up with a new competitor! Resellers are joining this highly lucrative market by using arbitrage to undercut the price of this highly desired item… Also, sorry, NEST, I feel like I pick on y’all a bunch.

Nest Fragrance Arbitrage

3. Young Thug Vinyl’s — I think vinyls are for try-hards; sorry, I said it, and I won’t back down from a fight. Oh, look at me, I am so refined. I listen to music in its purest form and hate the conventionality and convenience of streaming. Anyways… there is a nice little playbook below, where individuals are buying all the inventory and flipping it to these Vinyl loving try-hards.

Young Thug Vinyl Target

We hope you liked our research — our justification for spendings hours on the internet. Let us know if you have a product or a category you would like us to investigate for next week.