Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (January 30)

Another week, another top botted and resold products. This week focuses on some larger, more mainstream items, then followed by a little bit of a head-scratcher:

Ticketmaster: this is an unsurprising company on the list, but if the Department of Justice investigates any company - it warrants the top spot. The investigation stems from the Taylor Swift Eras Tour, which highlights never mess with Swifties. There needs to be some improvement in the ticketing process, but our take was that the DOJ undersold the complexity of bots and bad actors. This is a great recap of the hearing!

Campbell’s Soup: release a limited edition soup for their spicy food lover, Ghost Pepper Chicken Noodle Soup & Cool. Like anything limited, there is always excess demands and opportunity for being resold at a higher markup. If I get 10 people to tweet at us about Campbell’s Soup, I will buy and eat this soup on livestream.

Stanley Tumbler: this is for our basic girlies, as seemingly every girl has this tumbler. I assume Tik Tok made this famous because it has been a hot item for months, and I am not sure of its appeal. I will forever be #teamYeti

Thanks for tuning in this week and reminder that I would hate to eat a ghost pepper on livestream, if I get 10 people to tweet at me about Campbells Soup.