Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (January 16th)

It has been a while since we posted our top botted products, but new year, new me! 2023 is off to a flying start with botted and resold items, and we are excited to highlight them throughout the year:

College Essays and School Assignments: everyone has been captivated by ChatGPT, as it reduces the burden of needing to write from scratch. ChatGPT has created a dilemma for universities and schools, who are debating whether AI-assisted bot writing is considered cheating or not.

Chipotle: I remember the good ole days when a Chipotle burrito was around $10, but unfortunately, that is no longer the case. Refusing to give up their precious burritos or paying $15-20 for a meal, botters have turned to abusing Chipotle discounts and loyalty benefits. Sometimes, you just have to do what is necessary to secure that burrito.

Native Deodorant - people love free stuff; it doesn’t matter what it is, people will always take something free. Native Deodorant learned the hard way by releasing a free “Mini Shampoo Gift” that created pages of successful bot checkouts, with this product now being resold on Amazon.

2023 will be a wild year for botting and reselling, with many brands heavily discounting items, strong reseller groups, and technological advances. We will keep you all updated on the craziest things being targeted by bots and resellers, and as always, please send us any suggestions if you find any strange items.