Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (February 12th)

Another week, another top botted! We have a lot of non-bot-related content coming out soon, but in the meantime, buckle up and enjoy the ride this week:

Bush’s Beans: anything related to the Super Bowl will garner huge attention, as seemingly everyone in the US is glued to the TV. Bush’s Beans had a commercial with Peyton Manning and released a commemorative poster celebrating the commercial that was quickly scoped up by bots and reselling on eBay!

houseplant: one of our favorite and dream brands, as everything Seth Rogen touches is incredible. Almost everything launched on the site gets instantly sold out, as botters know they can generate a good profit for these highly demanded products. There is roughly a 50-100% markup for these products!

Fisher-Price Soothe ’n Snuggle Otter: is one of the hotter toys of the year with people wanting to get their hands or paws on the snuggle otter. Luckily, this good boy was able to secure a snuggle otter before the botters and resellers could deprive us of this cuteness!

Thanks for joining us for our favorite weekly series! Let us know if you have any specific areas for us to dive deep into next week.