Top 3 Botted & Resold Products of the Week (April 11th)

I know, I know, from the countless number of angry messages that we skipped last week’s post and hand-up, that it is on me. The good news is that the internet keeps getting wilder, and the items people are targeting keep getting weirder.

1. Tesla — we wrote a blog about it, but yes, Tesla. People have created bots to automate the “existing inventory” to avoid long waiting periods. My ultimate goal in life is to never wait in line, so I understand. Still, it has gotten to a ridiculous level that Tesla has implemented a “Resellers Cancellation” policy.

Tesla Resell Email

2. LOL Surprise Playhouse — I will not sugarcoat it, but I have never heard of LOL Surprise before, and regardless of the amount my mom wants grandchildren, I hope I am not buying this anytime soon. Back to the topic, this gives me Dwight Schrute vibes, as these toys are actively targeted during the holiday seasons to profit from late buying parents.

LOL Surprise Resell Target

3. Dyson Hair Dryer — our residential material girl, Alex, might be a Nostradamus, as she wrote specifically about this product. It was highly targeted during its release 6ish months ago and is still popular enough to be the StockX product of the day.

StockX Item of the Day

We hope you enjoyed our weekly learning of the random things being targeted by bots and resellers! Also, if you have a product you would like us to investigate for next week, leave us a comment.