Powering & Enhancing Cross-Selling with Yofi Recommendations

We have seen that many of our customers are expanding into new collections, onboarding new brands, and launching new products but need help with cross-selling items to their customers. Often, shoppers associate brands with a particular product and overlook other available items that might interest them.

In the past, identifying and creating cross-selling strategies was tedious for marketing teams as they needed to sift through a lot of data or rely on subjective judgments rather than concrete facts and data. Today, this all changes with Yofi Recommendations for Klaviyo, which selects co-purchasers for specific brands which find users that have bought/viewed/added to cart on similar products.

Yofi is the only solution that adds co-purchasers and individuals likely to purchase an item to a Klaviyo Segment without the user manually creating many properties. By setting Yofi Recommends, you will automatically include co-purchasers into the segment, increasing conversion and customer experience through tailored interactions. Through enabling Yofi Recommendations, we have helped our customers significantly improve their customer lifetime value and cross-selling.

  1. Implementing data-driven decisions without hours of analysis: By relying on concrete user behaviors and analytics, Yofi Recommendations helps businesses make strategic decisions about marketing and sales based on data, not just instinct or guesswork. This allows for more accurate and effective targeting.
  2. Improving your cross-selling: By identifying users who have demonstrated interest in similar products through purchases, views, or cart additions, Yofi enables highly effective cross-selling. This increases sales and a broader number of products purchased by your customers.
  3. Enhancing customer experience with tailored offers: Yofi Recommendations enables tailored interactions by creating segments of customers likely to be interested in certain products. Putting the right products in front of the right people at the right time will increase engagement, conversion, and brand affinity.
  4. Scaling with your business growth: As you expand your collections and onboard new brands, Yofi Recommendations can effortlessly scale with them, handling an increasing volume of data and providing accurate recommendations no matter the size or complexity of the product catalog.

Yofi Recommendations for Klaviyo allows businesses to significantly boost cross-selling and email conversion. By adding a single property, companies will get enhanced customer segments by including co-purchasers and individuals highly likely to purchase a product while eliminating the need to manually create multiple queries in Klaviyo and spend hours digging through data for co-purchasing patterns.

With Yofi, businesses can easily enable co-purchasers and cross-selling with a single configuration. Try Yofi Recommendations today and see the difference it can make for your business.