Meet the Founder of SNKHER Social Club: Rajaa Sultanah

Tell us a little bit about you? 

I am originally from Philadelphia and have always been interested in sneakers! I recently graduated from Howard University in May, where I played Softball and started SNKHER Social Club at Howard. I noticed during the pandemic that many people were interested in sneakers, especially women. So, I wanted to create a safe community for sneakerheads to connect and learn, as many people were new to the culture. For example, many people thought you could go to Footlocker and get whatever pair of sneakers you wanted or create a safe atmosphere to trade with other women. I was determined to make a community to help people better understand sneakers and the culture surrounding them.

Who (or what) influenced you when you first got into sneakers? 

When I was younger, my mom would always buy me the typical little girls shoes, but I was a really active kid so I would always tear them up at recess. This evolved into me starting to get sneakers instead and then slowly, over time, I was more particular about my shoes. I started going with my dad to pick them out and began developing an appreciation for sneakers and the various colorways they came in. 

Also, I have always been an athlete by playing multiple sports. Sports and sneakers are always intertwined, so I was always wearing sneakers and embedded into the culture from a young age! 

What is your go-to sneaker right now? 

I love my Joe Fresh Goods x New Balance  “Outside Clothes” Collaboration that I got last year! Randomly one morning, I saw him post on Instagram that he was doing a release in DC and immediately jumped out of bed to get into the line. I was lucky enough to meet Joe Fresh Goods in person and have him sign my pair of shoes.

What would your dream collaboration be? 

I would love to work with Aleali May, as she was the first Jordan Collaboration female, or Teyana Taylor would be a great fit for a Jordan Collab. Teyana and Aleali are definitely two of my favorite sneaker and fashion icons. 

What was your inspiration for SNKHER building in 2023? 

 I am getting more awareness for SNKHER and all the projects I am working on in the sneaker space. There are so many opportunities that are so exciting to me! I have been writing articles on sneaker culture, producing content for women in sneakers, and bringing more creativity to my brands. 

What is something you wish you knew before starting SNKHER? 

I wish I had the confidence to start earlier! Within a couple of months, we achieved 1000s of followers, and many people told me I needed a platform like this. I have met many amazing people and wish I had jumped into building this earlier!

If there was one thing you would want the sneaker community to know, what would it be? 

I would want more commodore, as women do not just want brands to cater to women. We want shoes to be more inclusive, eliminating the division between women and men and making more sizes. Women want to be included in the culture instead of being segmented by solely limiting to women releases and specific colorways like purple and pink.

A lot of men want women's releases too. I bet more men are wearing the Virgin Off-White 4s than women! Women couldn't get their hands on that release.

How can the larger sneakerhead community help you with SNKHER and everything you got happening in 2023? 

The larger sneakerhead community can help me by including more women in the culture. Like, be helpful, especially with new people getting started with sneakers. Sometimes people like to make fun of or laugh at people beginning, which is unfair because everyone needs to start somewhere. I just want people to be genuine and inclusive, especially new sneakerheads!