Looking for a Graphic Designer or Honey Pot for Twitter Bots?

We at Yofi are working on something top secret and need help from someone who can help us create a logo or icons for us.

So, we turned to our internet friends on Twitter with a simple ask, “does anyone have a good logo designer/brand identity suggestion” and the shocked by the outcome. We thought we must have gone viral with all the notifications and assumed our hilarious content was finally being acknowledged.

Nope, it was just a swarm of profiles and bots that are triggered to give responses to any post with the word “logo” and “logo designer.”

Yofi ask for logo designer

Truly, we got so many responses and DMs, which I am not posting as some people have aggressive and slightly crude opening lines. We wanted to see if this was an anomaly or whether the same profiles would respond. So, as good internet trolls, we decided to tweet the same thing from different accounts.

Yofi ask for logo designer

Unsurprisingly, we discovered that the same profiles replied to the same tweet with the same response. Some responders were clearly bots, while the other half were using bots to generate responses based on specific keywords to amplify their message.

I am not knocking the hustle but I never thought our search for a logo designer would lead back to bots. If you are looking to find a logo designer, 10–20 new followers on Twitter, and a bunch of slightly inappropriate DMs, then I have a solution for you!

Ps. outside of the bots, thank you for the genuine responses and recommendations for finding a logo designer!