Bots Buy Burnt Hair

October 13, 2022

We sound like an Elon Musk Stan, but I think the fair question is that out of the $1M in perfume sales, ‘Burnt Hair’ was done by bots. For people following, we know that Elon is moving through with the Twitter deal, and he scrutinized how many bots were on Twitter. We believe in a fair playing field of understanding bots and arbitrage on all platforms, regardless of if we are a stan or not. So this poses the question, what percentage of ‘Burnt Hair’ do you think was done by bots? The sales happened about 24 hours ago, and we already see the product being resold on eBay and other platforms.

eBay sellers arbitraging Burnt Hair by Elon Musk

Elon sold 10,000 perfumes yesterday — it sold out in 2 minutes, and based on the resell market (and items not listed yet), we’d say about 20% of it was botted and arbitraged.

The product is selling 1x-10x over retail value. Why should we question Twitter about bots and not the ‘Boring Company’?

Elon, if you want bot protection and detection and help sell to loyal customers so your e-commerce store is not as botty as Twitter, reach out 😉. Here at Yofi, our claim to fame was coining how many bots were on Twitter before your report and understanding how to get products into the hands of your legitimate customers. Happy to serve you as Elon’s #1 stan.