Yofi Grows Klaviyo Order Place Rate by 323%

"Through Yofi, not only have we made our footwear drops more fair & secure, but our revenue from email campaigns has increased over 56% compared to the previous year. They have connected us with new, first-time purchasers in smarter & more efficient ways like never before, and it's just the beginning" ‍ Marketing Manager LIKELIHOOD


The following case study examines the impact of Yofi integration with Klaviyo on email marketing performance for three different e-commerce stores that have 120k to 2M active members and generate $5-$25M+ in revenue a year. By combining and normalizing key metrics before and after Yofi integration, we demonstrate how Yofi can enhance email marketing efforts and optimize conversions across multiple stores.

Before Yofi:

These brands were struggling to use Klaviyo and missing a significant revenue opportunity. They were overwhelmed with their ever-growing number of active profiles, which made Klaviyo a black box because it was impossible to determine a total of customers.

This confusion led to brands:

  • Overpaying for Klaviyo
  • Achieving inaccurate marketing metrics
  • Underutilizing segmentation

Unfortunately, these brands neglected to use Klaviyo to its fullest extent, accepted additional charges for erroneous accounts and pulled skewed data and metrics because there was no alternative.

Yofi helped these brands transform their usage of Klaviyo:

Yofi prevents bots and bad actors, improves customer insights, and provides recommendations for each customer. We segment customers into groups with similar interests, enabling businesses to target good actors with personalized marketing campaigns, product recommendations, and promotions while suppressing and preventing bad actors.


The Yofi integration consistently improved open rates, click rates, placed order rates, and revenue across all three stores when the data.

Store 1 - Identifying Bad Actors & Individualized Interactions:

We started working with this brand in October and overnight, we significantly improved their marketing metrics: open rate, click rate, and placed order rate. Since October, we have been able to consistently improve and maintain high metrics and increase online sales by ~7% of total sales YTD.

Store 2 - Removing Fake Accounts & Jump Starting Segmentation:

We installed with this brand at the end ofJanuary and have taken their email campaigns from virtually nothing to bringing in:

  • ~$25K /month, which 60% of this increase can be attributed to Yofi.
  • ~$15K /year in cost savings from Klaviyo from removing bad actors and fake accounts.

We anticipate that this growth will continue as the brand implements more of our recommendations. We additionally reduce their bad actors that were spamming their active member list.

Store 3 - Improving Clicks & Conversion:

We have transformed the click rate, placed order rate, and revenue from Klaviyo for this brand through our targeted segments and clean customer list. The brand is using Klaviyo more because Yofi’s integrate and recommendations have accelerates sales, converted a record number of first-time buyers, and strengthened brand affinity. There was a ~155% increase in revenue, which allowed this store to surprise and delight each customer with personalized content. ~25% fewer emails were sent in this period, which prevented customer fatigue and unsubscribes.

Impact on Brands:

Despite facing challenges such asa downturn economy and supply chain / logistics problems, these brands increased their revenue and customer engagement with Yofi. While the larger retail industry growth has been stunted by macroeconomic factors like inflation and reduced consumer spending, Yofi powered and accelerated significant growth for these brands. By helping these stores identify and target genuine customers based on their preferences and shopping habits, Yofi has enabled them to optimize their marketing efforts and allocate resources more effectively. This approach has led to higher open and click rates, increased order placement rates, and ultimately, significant growth in revenue. Yofi has become a critical platform for these brands in driving customer adoption and maintaining growth.


Yofi is significantly improving brand’s email marketing through our integration with Klaviyo, where we have accelerated growth and enabled a trustworthy dataset. Through filtering out bad actors and focusing on genuine customers, Yofi has enabled each store to optimize their marketing efforts: boosting key metrics by 100%+ and doubling revenue generated from Klaviyo.