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Stop Playing Guess Who with Your Customers

Yofi helps brands better understand their customers and data to improve inventory forecasting, customer lifetime value, and profitability.


Trust Needs to Be a Two Way Street

Unfortunately, not everyone is who they say they are on the internet. Everyone has multiple digital identities, such as email addresses, credit cards, and devices. 

Understanding your customer is challenging for brands because it creates inflated customer accounts, skews critical data, and creates a poor customer experience. Yofi is a platform for all brands to improve their client identity and data to enhance their marketing campaigns, customer lifetime value, and profitability. Knowing your consumers allows you to build a successful brand that your consumers love.

Simple Download & Configuration

Yofi is a secure, one-click install, then we are up and running in your Store - no additional configurations are required!

Understanding Your Best Customers in Minutes

We remove the challenges of understanding your customers by removing all the tedious and time-intensive spreadsheets. We streamline customers with multiple profiles and the items they love into one unified view.


Increasing AOV & Profitability 

Bad Actors, such as Bots, Serial Returners, and Arbitrageurs, have a large impact on the profitability of your business - we identify and flag these bad actors to reduce the amount of promotion code and return abuse.

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Integrated Data-Driven Recommendations

Your focus should be on growing your business, not looking through spreadsheets and dashboards. Let us handle the hard lifting of finding insights and customer recommendations from your data. 

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What Our Clients Are Saying

BotNot could save companies millions in losses and / or generate millions in sales -- if not billions of applied across the board

Owner, Apparel Marketplace 

What Are the Benefits


Increase Revenue

Achieve higher revenue by personalizing the customer experience and prioritizing your most loyal fans.


Grow Customer Lifetime Value

Reward high LTV customers with exclusive products and discount codes


Eliminate Bad Data & Improve Analytics

Exclude bad actors, duplicate accounts, and dormant addresses that negatively skew your data and analytics for making decisions.

Improve Productivity


Reduce time spent looking at data and dashboards to find insights about your customers, products, and marketing campaigns


Reduce Discount Code Abuse & Returns

Minimize time reviewing suspicious orders and increase AOV by reducing bad actors abusing discount codes and return policies.

Built By Industry Experts 

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