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Welcome to our team page! We're the minds behind Yofi, the platform that empowers brands and retailers to truly understand their customers' intentions and interactions. With Yofi, we help you to better understand your customers, enabling you to interact with each one in the best way possible. So sit back, relax, and get to know the team dedicated to optimizing your customer interactions. With Yofi, you'll gain invaluable insights into your customers' preferences.

Serverless platforms Expert
Unbeatable at Iron Hearts 4
Help build multiple Bot Mitigation teams at some of the largest brands in the world
Can identify almost every dog breed
Lead Architecture and Machine Learning teams at the largest brands in the world
The undisputed biggest fan of raccoons
Experience building APIs, Bots, and Middleware for Banks
Incredible musician that builds his own instruments
Built & scaled a startup within IBM to $350m in ARR
MBA & NBA Free Agent
Lead Engineering Teams for Tencent and Shopee
Potentially one of the best drummers among backend software engineers in southern China
Search & ATO expert previously from Nike and Coinbase
Would pick skiing over anything
Artificial Intelligence and statistician expert that specializes in drinking mate
He's our favorite night owl who is the most productive at 4 am
Ph.D in Deep Learning Methods
Joined Yofi after Foo Fighter tickets were scooped up by scalping bots within seconds
Can develop AWS and GCP Applications blindfolded.
Traveled 1000s of miles with a sharp-tailed crab to give his family a new pet

Want to Join Our Team?

We will keep this short and sweet. We are all ex-FAANG founders that stumbled in like a band of misfits. Some of us were sneaker botters in a previous life, and some were investment bankers. We created Yofi as we have a passion for Data and solving complex human problems with Machine Learning.

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