Machine Learning Engineer

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Machine Learning

We are looking for a talented individual passionate about bots, data, and overall Web2/Web3 experiences. As an MLE in BotNot, you will build end-to-end solutions for preventing bots and helping prioritize the consumer. The day-to-day work consists of identifying new bot leads by connecting different data sources; building models for Web2 or Web3, deploying analytic products into a real-time decisioning platform; manipulating and leveraging graph-structured data; and ensuring ongoing operational excellence by monitoring and making operational adjustments. The adversarial nature of bots and resellers makes for exciting challenging. On this team, you will apply various data science approaches toward the prioritization of good users.

About the Role


  • We are not looking for specific hardcode requirements.

  • You'll participate in building products for Web2 and Web3.

  • You'll work with a team of MLEs.

About the Company

We will keep this short and sweet. We are all ex-FAANG founders that stumbled in like a band of misfits. Some of us were sneaker botters in a previous life, and some were investment bankers. We created BotNot as we have a passion for Data and solving complex human problems with Machine Learning.

To succeed at BotNot, our primary ethos should align with you:
1. Curiosity is Key - some of the greatest initiatives BotNot has implemented so far have stemmed from an individual's curiosity.
2. Everything is Solvable - BotNot encourages creative thinking to find a solution, as we believe there is a solution to any problem.
3. Respect goes with Responsibility- respect is a necessity for all members, and we actively encourage recognizing other members that have a positive impact.
4. Everyone is an Owner - everyone has the Responsibility of leading their tasks and will be treated as the expert.
5. Prioritize Yourself - we require everyone to have something personal to skip work, whether baking, watching Manchester United, or running.

If this feels like a good fit, please reach out, and we will review your application ASAP. We're here to build, and we cannot wait to build with you!

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