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BotNot can be installed from the Shopify App Store. You would need to go the BotNot App Listing on the App Store and click Add app.  Once you select your store, you can review the BotNot Terms & Agreements, Privacy Details, and Permissions Details. Click on the Install app button, then BotNot will install in your store and you will see the BotNot Portal. There is not additional configuration required after the install!


Do you prevent bots from purchasing?

No, we do not block bots from ordering because we know sometimes, I want to sell the product even if it is a bot. Instead, we calculate and rank the risk of every order.  

You can choose whether you want to fulfill or cancel the order. We have created automated rules that you can implement to automatically fulfill or cancel orders based on a specific risk threshold.


What are Bad Actors?

Bad Actors are any individuals that are unprofitable or harmful to the brand. Bots, serial returns, and arbitrageurs are all examples of bad actors, as they can cost your brand money, damage your reputation, and skew your analytics. ​

If there is a dollar to be made, someone will attempt to make it. We identify and flag these bad actors to give you visibility on the individuals impacting your brand's profitability. 


What is Bot Status?

Bot Status shows the probability of an order being conducted by a Bot. There is an inverse correlation between Bot and Human purchase; for example, if the Bot Status is Low, then there is a high probability the order is conducted by a human. The opposite is if Bot Status is High then there is a low probability the order is conducted by a human and very likely by a bot

BotNot assesses every transaction and looks for key signals to generate our Bot Status - Low, Medium, and High. We look for various signals to understand whether the transaction is a human or bot. If the transaction has many bot tendencies, we will flag it as Medium or High.  


What is Likelihood of Return?

Likelihood of Return shows the likelihood of a transaction being returned whether being prompted because the individual has a history of returns, the rate of the return is above average for the product, or whether a Bot is conducting resale or arbitrage. We will flag the order as Medium or High for the Store Owner to determine whether to fulfill the order or not.


What is Likelihood of Cancellation

Likelihood of Cancellation shows the likelihood of a transaction being canceled by the individual. A common arbitrage tactic is where the individual will order an item and have a 24-hour window where they can cancel the purchase. They will attempt to resell the item within that period, but if they cannot, they will cancel the order.


Differences between BotNot & Shopify Portal

BotNot can be consumed through the Shopify Portal or BotNot Portal. You will be able to find our three risky ranks for Bot Status, Likelihood of Return, and Likelihood of Cancellation on both Shopify and BotNot Portals. 

There are some differences between the Shopify and BotNot Portal, such as the ability to cancel or fulfill an order that is only possible through the Shopify Portal. 

The BotNot Portal possesses more insights and analytics that are not available on the Shopify Portal. You can see Total Revenue, Average Customer Lifetime Value, and Percentage of Sale and Suspicious Transactions. This is all visible on the Dashboard Page that can be dynamically changed based on the date. 


Time to generate a BotNot risk assessment

It takes about 20-30 seconds for BotNot to generate and update our risk assessment in the BotNot and Shopify Portals.


Mark as Safe & Suspicious

Mark as Safe and Suspicious helps us improve our risk assessment. You can mark individual transactions that we deemed as suspicious as safe to remove other flagging as suspicious in future purchases. 


Calculating our risk assessment

Within the Individual Transactions, you will be able to see the risk and trust indicators that generated our risk assessment. We want to give you all the necessary information to make a confident decision on whether to fulfill or cancel the order.